EyePole Tactical Surveillance For Optimum Safety And Security

Where there is a hint of crime, EyePole tactical surveillance is the first to witness the site and seal the evidence with the help of advanced tools and integrated computer systems. The EyepPole equipment is designed with latest technology and has an ability to penetrate through the darkest and remotest areas to help the law enforcement officials.


Anything that is suspicious or violates laws cannot skip the surveillance of the robust EyePole tools that give real time updates and ability to act urgently. The monitoring tools are available with standard packages aimed for security missions such as SWAT, correction facilities, railroad security, search, rescue and so on.


The location which may appear at first in a crime scene can have covert evidences and proofs to strengthen the case. You can break into such areas successfully with the help of advanced tools like under door cameras and portable Visual Surveillance Tools. Smart applications with fierce invasion help you reach the unreachable spots such as drains and collapsed structures.


With unique features like Interchangeable Under Door Camera head and IR illumination, the equipment can perform in an unrestrained way in the most difficult situations. At EyePole, you also get handy housing and carrying case in the package for better storage and handling of the equipment.



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