How A Telescopic Pole Camera Serves As Tactical Equipment For SWAT?

An incident, involving an evil or disturbed perpetrator, who locks himself or herself in a building and intents on killing people looking to negotiate or get him out, is often a very tricky situation for law enforcement officers or SWAT. The subject inside has a tactical advantage as he or she knows everything about the building, and may likely have a significant supply of ammo with him. These advantages and the intent of the suspect make this a really tough outing for a SWAT team. However, the advancement in technology in the recent years has helped tactical officers to turn the tables on these people. Tactical police units are now better equipped to gain inside information of the building and counter the advantages these subjects have.


A tactical surveillance system like a telescopic pole camera is the solution to making sure that the tactical personnel avoid the kill zone. These cameras mount on extended poles and have many advantages over optical systems used for the same purpose. A tactical pole camera can be extended further to the line of sight of an officer, and has the ability to capture video information of the areas of a building that may prove too risky for officials to enter.


They are definitely costlier, but then, the technology they use is quite sophisticated. These tactical systems feature color camera head with infrared illuminators, LCD monitor, extendable load-bearing pole, hard rifle case, etc. The final product allows SWAT teams to collect information without jeopardizing their lives.


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