Improve Railroad Security with Tactical Pole Cameras

Safety and security have become a major concern these days due to a steep rise in unscrupulous incidents in almost all quarters. Railroad is also the victim of mischievous, illegal, and criminal activities. In order to prevent those felonious acts from happening, railroad safety officers employ various tools and equipment to inspect railroad premises and boxcars.


Tactical pole cameras have made the work of railroad safety officers a lot easier. With the help of pole camera systems, railroad security personnel can inspect boxcars quickly and efficiently for transients and illegal cargo. And the best thing about tactical pole cameras is they can be operated with the same efficiency in the daylight and complete darkness. What’s more, railroad security personnel can maintain a safe distance while inspecting boxcars with tactical pole cameras.


Usually, a top-quality tactical pole camera comes in different configuration options, enabling railroad safety officers to use them optimally as per their needs. The base configuration provides high-quality B&W images even in the very low light, the audio-out option allows safety officers to hear the audio, and the IR illumination option offers a clear image in complete darkness.


When you are going to buy a tactical pole camera, you should make sure that you buy a single-stage telescopic pole camera that is fully load-bearing. Also, you should go for a tactical pole camera that has no external wires. A tactical pole camera with wires can pose difficulties in the inspection of boxcars.


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