Look for These Configuration Options When Buying A UDC

The surveillance of dark, unlit rooms can become easy with the use of a light scale wireless system that is specifically designed to provide the operators with the possibility to explore activity beyond closed doors. Such scenarios require a pole cam along with an additional investigation support system. Using a good quality, reliable UDC or an Under Door Camera can make the entire investigation process successful sooner. The configuration options that you get in these cameras include:

  • 1. Great picture quality even when there is low light: The feature of generating high quality monochrome pictures even in the absence of full light is one of the most important ones.

  • 2. A 360 degree coverage of the space: You should look for a dual camera configuration that makes it possible to get a "back of the door" view.

  • 3. An audio-out option: It is important so that it can become possible to port out amplified audio from the handles to headphones with volume control.

  • 4. IR Illumination: It is also important that the under door camera you choose offers clear images even in complete darkness. That can happen only with the help of advanced LEDs that can get to work all by themselves.



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