Prime Benefits Of An Eyepole Tactical Surveillance Camera

Installing an Eyepole tactical surveillance pole camera at your office or personal establishment reaffirms safety even in the tiniest, darkest, most dangerous and remote corners of your operating environment.


  • 1. It helps in reaching places like holes, small spaces and other places which are out of human reach.
  • 2. Law enforcement agencies use this tool, especially when they run covert operations and need surveillance at places without any human presence.This camera pole can be used to take a look inside the room from under the door, over the wall or from the roof. It helps in surveying all the critical aspects of the scene by ensuring minimal physical presence.
  • 3. It contains a tiny Charge Coupled Device (CCD) camera that has been built into the leading edge of the camera tongue. This image sensor provides high-resolution black and white images which are transmitted on to a monitor outside of the room for further investigation.
  • 4. The camera display is of HD quality that gives crystal clear visuals¬†of all the happenings at the venue concerned.
  • 5. EyePole tactical surveillance camera features an ultra-sensitive microphone, which provides audio that can be monitored or recorded from the audio-out port on the handle of the equipment.



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